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Hello Visitor, I am Tousif Khan and welcome to my blog.

The primary intention to create this blog is to narrate my technology learning experience. I love coding, analyzing, designing and doing it the right way. I am obsessed about learn anything new daily and sharing what I have learn each Day. This blog is journey of my zeal, going through step by step to the mountain of desire to become prefect.

I work for an IT company as a Project Lead and passionate about exploring new trends in technology world. Primarily, I write blog on Java, JEE, Spring Framework, Design Pattern, Web Services, PHP and JavaScript. I have special interest in UI/UX design/development and love to work on Sencha ExtJS / Touch, AngularJS, jQuery like frameworks.

If you have any query/suggestion/comment on any of my posts/projects or want to discuss anything with me, please feel free to drop me email @

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