How to upload mp3 songs using Apache commons File Upload?

In many java based web based applications developer need to implements file upload. Before Servlet 3.0 specification, servlet doesn’t support file upload and developer need to use third party library like apache common’s file upload.

To know more about how to use servlet 3 for file upload, please visit my servlet 3 file upload post.

Download and add apache file upload, common io jar files into eclipse library. Following screenshot shows eclipse folder structure.

First create a HTML form to upload song mp3 file along with its description. To upload any content on server your form must have enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute.

Following servlet class used to upload mp3 file on server directory.

When user fills the form and click on upload song button, mp3 song will upload on server and servlet will create Song object, set in request attribute and dispatch the request to success.jsp page.

and Output will look similar to following image…

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