Servlet 3 File Uplaod example using Tomcat 7

Many java web developer aware that for uploading files on server there was no api support in servlet specifications. We have to depend on third party library to upload files. Apache common’s file upload library is very popular for this task.

Servlet 3 comes with default support of file upload. To make your servlet multipart aware developers suppose to use @MultipartConfig annotation. @MultipartConfig annotation is used to indicate that the Servlet on which it is declared expects requests to made using the multipart/form-data MIME type.

To use servlet 3.0 api’s you should deploy your application on Java EE 6 aware web/app server. I am using Apache Tomcat 7.x which comes with servlet 3 support.

Now create a jsp page with a form tag. This form tag must have attribute enctype="multipart/form-data".

Output will look like as following screenshot.

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