Ext JS 4 CRUD example

While writing my Spring-Hibernate Integration post I realize that we (as a java developer) have so many frameworks available which can make life easy by rapidly developing so many common things using frameworks. This ease of development is not available in java particularly when you considering UI development, we still have to struggle with old, bad looking jsp with combination of css, jquery.

Thanks god we now have so many javascript toolkit, framework which make developers life easy by offering so many ready-to-use widgets. ExtJS is the most advanced among those client side UI frameworks.

Today I am going to demonstrate you ‘How you can leverage ExtJS 4 to create CRUD application’. In the next post I will try to use the same JS code with Spring MVC as a backend.

Create a HTML page which include ExtJS library and aur books.js file.

Here is the ExtJS CRUD code, I have combined it in a single file. You can follow the ExtJS 4 MVC folder structure.


Open the HTML file in any browser, the Output will look similar to below. You can click to add new Book record in GRID.

Double click to any of the GRID row to edit the record.

View Live Demo

Download Ext JS CRUD code

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