Learn ExtJS, CodeIgniter and MySQL integration now


Thought I am a hardcore java/j2ee developer by compassion but I always explore other programming languages. One of My favorite Web scripting language is PHP and I like PHP because of its simplicity and its many OpenSource MVC frameworks.

So I have decided to use ExtJS, Code Igniter and MySQL today to demonstrate how we can use ExtJS as a Frond end java script library to connect to Code Igniter PHP framework.

First let write CodeIgnitor view which include ExtJS library and display Extjs form.

Now create ExtJS form which capture user details and send to CodeIgniter Controller, and display response coming from Controller in a MessageBox.

The CodeIgniter controller will look similar to following…

As you can see in CodeIgniter controller’s auth() function take username, password as parameter and return a json array as a response to view.

Following image is a screenshot of output.

Happy Coding…:)

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