Create simplest jQuery Tab using jQuery, css and HTML

Tabs makes a lot of sense when you have a limited amount of screen area, but want to show bigger data without putting a server-round-trip. You can design tabs by using plain JavaScript or using JavaScript libraries. Today I am going to show you how to create the simplest tab by using jquery, css and html.

First and foremost step is including jquery library. You can do by using following snippet.

Now include following css in between style tag. This css code convert your HTML unorder list tag into tab. I have removed most of the css code for Abbreviation. The complete css file is available for download.

jQuery plays a very important role in creating a navigational dynamic tabber. following jQuery code snippet will convert your simple tab into Auto-hidable tabber.

You can add animation by calling $(activeTab).animate() jQuery function. Please write us about this post. (no spam :))

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