School Grade System free project in JSP/Servlet

School Grade System is a simple project developed in java, jsp servlet for small schools that want to capture students exam marks and grades. It’s not a complete production ready project for entire school management but it can be used by students for their school/college level academic projects.

Project has to roles for user login, first for teachers and second for principle. Teachers can login and add students to their class, add marks for each subjects student has obtained and system will automatically calculate the grade. Once teacher add the marks for student, he can also edit the students mark to recalculate the grade. System has the security features based on user roles that will prevent one teacher can’t add, view or edit the other teacher’s student records. Principle can login using a separate login screen and view or search all student records irrespective to the class they study.

Following are the features of School Grade System Project

Teacher Module:

  • Teacher Login
  • Add/ Edit student details
  • Add/ Edit student marks, calculate grades

Principle Module:

  • Principle Login
  • Search, View student details
  • View student Grades


Teacher Module: Login Page

Teacher Module: View students Marks

Teacher Module: Calculate Student grade

Note:My free projects are like free speech, they are free for all to download. But if you need support or have a customization request then be ready to pay for it.

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