Vehicle Insurance System Free Project in JSP / Servlet


Vehicle Insurance and Registration system is a free project developed in JSP / Servlet. I had developed this project around more then 1 year before for a Omani student and since she is already got pass out and probably working in a IT company so its good time to share this project with rest of the world.

Vehicle Insurance project has 3 main modules and one search form where user can search Vehicle details and he can view vehicle registration and insurance details. It has a Dashboard where after login user can see User, Insurance and Vehicle details. System user can register a new User, then he can register a new Vehicle and add Insurance details of Vehicle. User can also update / delete Insurance details.

Project has a very strong search module where System user can enter Username, Licence Number or Vehicle registration Plat number to search any vehicle and He can see all the details of searched Vehicle.


Project Dashboard

Login Page

Vehicle Insurance System - Login Page

User List Page

Vehicle Insurance System

Search Form

Vehicle Insurance System - Search Form

Note:My free projects are like free speech, they are free for all to download. But if you need support or have a customization request then be ready to pay for it.

If you are ready, do send me email @ :).

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