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After a long time (i guess after 2 years) I am back with a new free PHP project for all my blog visitors. It is a simple web-based small event management and planning project for a college with is design with Bootstrap responsive html template and develop using code PHP.

Following are the features available in the project:

Admin Module:

  • Admin can create/delete/view Events
  • Admin can add a holiday events to Calender
  • Admin can Register Users

Teacher Module

  • Teacher can book an Event
  • View all bookings in the system
  • View User List approvals

Student Module

  • Student can view Event
  • View all event list details by Week/Month/Day calendar view

Technology User:

  • UI/HTML: Bootstrap HTML responsive Template (Mobile, Tablet ready)
  • JavaScript: JQuery, fullcalender plugin, Spry Framework (for form validations)
  • Backend: PHP, MySQL


1) Login Page:

2) Admin Dashboard

3) User Details

Note: My free projects are like free speech, they are free for all to download. But if you need support or have a customization request then be ready to pay for it.

If you are ready, do send me email @ TousifKhan510@gmail.com

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