Online Auction System project in PHP

Online Auction management system is a project is developed in PHP and MySQL with the aim to develope a Online auction system where administrator of the site can login and add auction items so user can search and view details of auction items with images, address and auction date / time.

It is one of my project which i have developed for a student around 4 year before and still in my XAMPP htdocs folder, so this sunday i got time to upload it to my blog.

Following are the core feature of Online Auction Management Project.

  • ADMIN: Login, View all auction item, update, delete any auction item details
  • ADMIN: Upload auction item pictures (automatic thumbnail creation), bank details, etc
  • ADMIN: Create / Update other details like Bank, City etc.
  • USER: View auction details, search by City, Bank details
  • USER: Request a auction bid.
  • and many more….

Project Screenshots:

Landing Page:

Auction item detail page:

Admin Dashboard:

Note:My free projects are like free speech, they are free for all to download. But if you need support or have a customization request then be ready to pay for it.

If you are ready, do send me email @ :).

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